Copper Rod Continoues Casting and Rolling Line

Copper Rod Continoues Casting and Rolling Line

The simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and high quality are main features of this production line. It adopts the process of continuous casting and rolling. It can produce low oxygen bright copper rod of ?8mm by using the copper ingot with the casting sectional area of 2,330 mm². The raw material is electrolytic copper or red copper scrap. The new set replaces of copper rod continuous casting set in upward pulling type and traditional continuous casting and rolling set with 14 stands.


It is composed of melting copper refining furnace (prepared by buyer), six-wheel continuous casting machine, auxiliary machine, rolling mill, copper rod cooling, reverting and take-up unit, emulsion cooling system, lubrication system and electric control system etc.


Using red copper scraps, reflection refining furnace should be employed. If raw material is electrolytic copper, 8 tons shaft furnace (continuously producing) and 5 tons holding furnace (including automatic lifting loading unit) can be chose.


Product Origin: chengdu
Model Number: SH2500/8-255/12
Brand Name: shuhong

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